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About us

We all started as developers, became architects, leads and even leaders.
What we shared is our passion helping other people and companies to become better.
Thus we started a hands on consulting company not being ancious making our hands dirty to combine both worlds: leadership and development.

Once there is a point where you normally have to decide leaving the developers path to become a manager leaving the other half of the cake behind.

But - why not both?


Agile Notebook

Help the SCRUM-Masters to assist in and simplify their work.
Act as a central point of aggregated information.
Make self assessments, resume all my observations and set goals for myself and the team.
See historical data about gone sprints, last sprint goals, action items and decisions you made or team rules and aggreements.
Get meaningful KPIs out of Jira and provide team's KPIs on management demand.

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IT Leadership (interim)

Interim IT Management and IT Leadership
IT Coaching and Mentoring
First-Time-Leader Coaching
Agile Transitions
IT Consulting
IT Audit for Setup, Scaling and Processes

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